God's kingdom and man's (by Don Fleming)   
Matthew 13:1-50
(File size: 9384.1 kB)
(approx: 31 minutes)
The purpose of Jesus' parables (by Don Fleming)   
Mark 4:1-25
(File size: 10372.2 kB)
(approx: 35 minutes)
Three parables of life-choice (by F. F. Bruce)   
Luke 15:11 - 16:31
(File size: 11426.2 kB)
(approx: 38 minutes)
Vigilance, faithfulness and charity (by F. F. Bruce)   
Matthew 25:1-46
(File size: 11098.2 kB)
(approx: 37 minutes)
Understanding the parables today (by F. F. Bruce)   
Various selections
(File size: 10889.1 kB)
(approx: 36 minutes)
Parables in the prophets (by Don Fleming)   
Various selctions
(File size: 10693.3 kB)
(approx: 36 minutes)