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Bridgeway Bible Commentary
600 p (249 x 176 mm; Hb) ISBN 0 947342 72 9

CommentaryIn its previous format as a series of eight Bridge Bible Handbooks, this commentary built up an international reputation for its appeal to a wide range of people – ordinary readers, Bible students, pastors, teachers and other Christian workers. It strikes the middle ground between the overly scholastic detailed commentaries and the often light-weight devotional notes.


The Bridgeway Bible Commentary deals with each biblical book in such a way that readers readily see the meaning of the Bible in its own context and its relevance in today’s world. The book is neither a word-by-word technical reference work nor a mere collection of overviews. It provides a free-flowing commentary on the entire text of each biblical book, along with background material, maps, diagrams, drawings, tables and feature articles.

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Bridgeway Bible Dictionary
480 p (249 x 176 mm; Hb) ISBN 0 947342 66 4

DictionaryHere is an accurate, readable and helpful A to Z of almost 1000 entries that cover all the major areas of biblical knowledge:

  • Theological issues and Christian doctrines
  • Life and ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Salvation and Christian life
  • Church and mission
  • Christian ethics
  • Cultures, customs and religions
  • Books of the Bible
  • Historical studies of nations and peoples
  • Environmental features of Bible lands
  • Characters of the Bible
  • Maps, charts, line drawings and tables

The Bridgeway Bible Dictionary is now available for download in the following electronic formats. These links open in new windows.

Basic Christianity Series
Each 20 p (198 x 130 mm; Pb) ISBN 0 947342 10 9 (set of 5)
(each is available separately in PDF format)



One reason why people are indifferent to Christianity is that they have never had it explained to them in plain language.These books do just that – as well as help new Christians become established in their faith.The books are widely used in outreach, radio follow-up and discipleship classes.

  • The Christian’s Faith:
    There is a God; the world has rebelled; Christ brings salvation; repent and believe.
  • The Christian’s Bible:
    What the Bible is; how it was written; what it contains; how we can understand it.
  • The Christian’s God:
    All-powerful yet responsive; a triune God; took human form in Jesus; lives in his people.
  • The Christian’s Life:
    Assurance and temptation; the place of prayer; ways of serving God; growth to maturity.
  • The Christian’s World:
    Life in the family; life in the church; life in society; Christianity and the wider world.
Let the Bible Speak for Itself
144 p (198 x 130 mm; Pb) ISBN 0 947342 16 8

BSpeakThis book is for all who want to know and teach the Bible better. It suggests they will enjoy the Bible more when, instead of forcing it to meet their demands, they let it do whatever it wants to do. They must let the Bible speak for itself.

How then, can readers of the Bible avoid forcing artificial lessons from it yet still submit to what it says? How can preachers teach a book of the Bible, without engaging in detailed studies, or alternatively flying over the top in a survey that fails to deal with the text?

In answering these questions, the author encourages Christians to understand and teach the Bible in the form God gave it. The book gives guidelines and examples on how to explain the text without boring people with technical discussion, and how to minister to people’s needs while remaining true to the text’s meaning.

Making Sense
176 p (198 x 130 mm; Pb) ISBN 0 947342 18 4

SenseIn a world where everything seems to be constantly changing, Christians sometimes feel uneasy. They hold beliefs that go back thousands of years, but they wonder how to apply those beliefs in today’s world.

This book takes a lively look at a range of issues where Christian faith helps people make sense of life. Whether the topic is family, politics, television, church, technology, mission, discipleship, community affairs or social values, this book will have something to say on the matter – and on other things as well.

Over the years the author has contributed articles to journals and periodicals around the world, and this book is a collection of fifty of those articles. In focusing on matters of topical interest, the collection supplements,
but does not duplicate, material that appears in the author’s biblical reference works.

PictorialsEach of these 5 Pictorial books have 35 full-page colour plates, accompanied by 35 one-page articles that are both informative and inspirational.The articles are an explanatory comment on the biblical text, written with a practical up-to-date relevance that makes the books suitable for a range of uses, from easy-to-read reference materials to attractive gift books.

Bible Lands, Then and Now
80p (198x130mm, Pb) ISBN 0 947342 24 9

Abraham’s homeland is present-day Iraq; the Palestine of Jesus’ ministry is today a land of turmoil. This book gives a brief but instructive view of Bible lands – from Mesopotamia to Palestine, from North Africa to Syria, from Asia Minor to Italy – then and now.

Following Jesus
80p (198x130mm, Pb) ISBN 0 947342 30 3

Readers get a fresh view of Jesus as they follow him around first century Palestine. As they see who is and what he did, they see also that his words are still active – for he is still calling people to follow him.

Going Places with Paul
80p (198x130mm, Pb) ISBN 0 947342 42 7

The apostle Paul’s adventurous travels brought about the rapid expansion of Christianity This book takes readers through a world of new challenges, new horizons and new writings, and in the process stimulates the life of faith.

Parables and Pictures
80p (198x130mm, Pb) ISBN 0 947342 48 6

Jesus used parables to challenge his hearers and provoke a response. He wanted them to think and, more importantly, to act. Parables and Pictures take a fresh look at Jesus’ teachings and highlights the challenges they bring in the modern world.

Proverbs Today
80p (198x130mm, Pb) ISBN 0 947342 36 2

This book takes sayings from the biblical book of Proverbs – more than 160 of them – and sets about explaining what they might have meant in their original setting and what they might mean for people today.

Catching the Fire

catch-fireThe opening part of this book came from talks aimed at challenging Western Christians to ‘catch the fire’ of vibrant Christianity that is found in many non-Western countries. The writer gives illustrations from all around the world to demonstrate the growth that is seen in many difficult countries, in contrast to the apathy that characterises many prosperous countries.

After this lengthy opening chapter are many shorter chapters, collected from magazines and periodicals for which the author has written articles. As in the previous collection, Making Sense, the articles cover a range of topics that are relevant to Christians everywhere in today’s world, no matter where they live.

Different World

In 1965, Don and Gae Fleming went from Australia to serve God in Thailand, and from there to many other countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific. People knew that their experiences in these countries were diverse, but not as diverse as this book reveals.

The book is a collection of forty stand-alone chapters covering a wide range of topics – from church leaders to taxi drivers, from Bible schools to post offices, from persecuted Christians to streetwise dogs. The stories, observations and comments will, in different ways, amuse, inform, encourage, provoke and challenge the reader. They will take the reader into a different world.

Across the Bridge

For thirty years Bridgeway Publications has been producing biblical reference books and supplying them to national Christians, churches, missions and institutions in needy countries. The ministry is a bridge from the Western world, where most of the resources are, to the rest of the world, where most of the Christians are.

Interaction with needy countries brings many informative and colourful letters, which the author has used to give people in the West a view of the world from those who live ‘across the bridge.’ Observations from his own international ministry help sharpen the focus and on occasions bring some light relief.

The book consists of thirty stand-alone chapters, which cover many countries, many years and many topics, though not in any particular order. Bridgeway’s books are in 130 countries and more than 50 languages, so the correspondence has plenty of variety. This book can be expected to inform, encourage, challenge, amuse and inspire its readers.