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Pastor in Zambia

From a pastor in Zambia:

Thanks man of God for your help with these books, I really say may dear God of Heaven continue blessing you. These books are such a good help for us with our ministries. God be with you for the good work you are doing!


From a Linguistic worker in Cameroon:

In this photo are Lay Pastor Augustine A. and Pastor Napoleon O. They were very grateful and said to pass on their thanks to you.

They are ministers in Akwaya area, South West Region, Cameroon; though both of them are in further training right now. We hope when they finish they will return to the area to be Bible translators or other language workers, as well as continue pastoring, in their language, Iceve.

Iceve has just begun to be written down this year, with an alphabet being agreed on in January and a Language Committee being formed in March. So Iceve people with greater Bible knowledge will be needed in the coming years to begin and continue Bible translation.

Thanks for contributing to this with your Bible commentary, Bible dictionary, ESV Bible and background information books. Much appreciated!

From a pastor in Zambia:  

In these photos are some of the teachers we use in our conferences and who, at the same time are the beneficiaries of the most helpful books from Bridgeway Publications.

They are using these books to research the helpful passages which can be of use in our programmes and sure they really helping us. We thank God for your support and recognizing our ministry and equipping it with such type of book.

Workers are many, but such types of tools are few.


From a book seller van in Pakistan:

I go to many churches and the books sell quickly, especially to preachers, elders and study groups.

Also I go to markets, and many non-Christians come to believe in Jesus through the gospel books.

From a pastor in Sierra Leone:

As a beneficiary of Bridgeway books, I am responsible for two churches with a total congregation of 1500 adults, 500 young people and 300 children. We need these books for effective training and teaching of all our church members, especially that those who work for God will be trained in sound doctrine. I promise these materials are building up God’s people.

MyanmarFrom a youth leader in Zimbabwe:

I do not have right words to say how thankful I am. I testify how much these books have helped me and others.

There is a big need for commentaries for all our youth workers. We can hardly get them here, and if we can they are too expensive.

From a Bible College in Myanmar:

This gift of books makes our college stronger, and all our teachers and students use them. It is hard to get Christian publications in Myanmar. You can tell how happy we are when we get a book, because we need books more than anything else. Please send as many as you can, even used ones.

From a Nigerian Missionary in Gambia:

Please keep sending us these books. Our ministry has the twin priorities of church planting and raising indigenous leadership, and in both cases we and the people we work among need good materials.

From Scripture Union, Vanuatu:

The books help a lot of Christians in my country. They are a resource used by our teachers of Scripture in schools. Students too are helped with the Basic Christianity Series.

From a church elder in Ethiopia:

The books are more than silver and gold to me. We can’t get such books in our country because of no finance. Now I have these on my empty shelf, I say thank you again and again.