About these Talks

Except where noted otherwise, the recordings of the talks available on this site have been presented by Don Fleming at various churches, conferences, conventions, Bible Schools and Camps. They span a period of over 30 years.

Don is a noted Bible teacher whose down-to-earth, easy-to-understand style has placed him in great demand both in his home country of Australia and in many parts of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. He is also the author of more than thirty books and his writings have been translated into more than fifty languages. Many of his books may be freely downloaded from other pages on this site.

Don preaches on the basis that “the Bible is the message”, and his listeners can be assured of fresh understanding and practical help as they see the relevance of the timeless Word to everyday affairs in today’s world.

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The authors of these talks have provided them freely to Bridgeway Publications for the following purposes:

1) for people’s personal study and reflection;
2) to explore the Bible’s teaching in a systematic manner;
3) to explain the Christian faith and it’s relevance today;
4) to encourage Christians on their personal journey of faith, life and service of God;
5) to assist others to accomplish these purposes.

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