BRIDGEWAY PUBLICATIONS is an Australian registered charity that provides reference books and other resources to help Christians in the developing world. Bridgeway is operated by a few volunteers. We have no staff, no office, no vehicles, no equipment, no independent funds, and we do not partner with people or ministries other than to send books as money becomes available. We all work from our homes, but over the past 27 years we have sent hundreds and thousands of books into more than 50 needy countries.



Church Leaders in developing countries have few or no reference books.

A pastor in a Western country may have 500 to 1000 books in his library. A pastor in a developing country may have 5 or 10, or possibly none at all. Bible Colleges and other ministries also suffer, with staff and students everywhere struggling to get resource material.

The reason for this shortage is not simply that Christian workers lack the money to buy books, but that such books may not even be available to buy, because of currency problems and near-bankrupt economies. There are no restrictions on Christian books entering most countries; the problem is that the countries cannot pay for them.


Through Bridgeway, christians in the West send sponsored books to help pastors and Bible teachers who can’t afford them.

In addition, this website provides a platform from which anyone may download for free a number of reference and resource books written by former missionary Don Fleming.

Read more about Bridgeway books here.


  1. Provide financial support by sponsoring one or more Christian Worker’s Kits.
  2. Write to us or tell us by completing the sponsorship form.
  3. Make your donation via cheque or direct credit to our bank account.

Bridgeway relies on the generous support of Christians to provide Christian reference books and resource materials to individuals and churches throughout many needy countries. Most funds are received by way of individual sponsorships for one or more Christian Worker’s Kits.

Other funds have been received from bequests and special projects. A representative of Bridgeway is usually available to visit churches and other groups to give further information about helping the church in needy countries.